While washing dishes, #2

Thought #2:

Another memory my mum told me. Another hotel kitchen scene, but this time not funny at all.

She told me that one of the chefs had it in for the dishwasher guy in the kitchen. While he was washing the dishes this one time, he put a sharp knife into the water. (When you do this, it is policy to say, ‘knife in water’) But he didn’t say it. Instead, after putting the knife in the water, he just stood there waiting for the water to turn red.

p.s. I hope no further explanation will be needed for this.

While washing dishes, #1

Thought #1:

This morning, i realized that i have strange thoughts rattling around in my head while washing the dishes.

This one is a memory my mum told me years and year ago. She used to work in hotel kitchens, and this one day a chef needed to sneeze really badly.  Being in a kitchen, he had nowhere to turn to sneeze without launching all over food. So, as a last resort, he turned around, and sneezed.  Unfortunately, this was a black guy, and he sneezed into flour!  Can you imagine the scene, and how he must have looked afterward! It must have been quite a site.

Back to the Future, part III

This is the conclusion to the 3-part sage. We are in 1955, in Doc’s house. Marty has saved the hoverboard from 2015, and is sleeping with his feet resting on it. Doc is recording a log of previous events, when Marty wakes up. He calls Doc, who turns around and sees Marty, who he believed had just sent back to 1985. Marty tells him he saw Doc in the DeLorean hit by lightning and sent back to 1885. Doc didn’t know how Marty knew this, until Marty showed Doc the letter that Doc sent from 1885. Continue reading “Back to the Future, part III”

Back to the Future, part II

This is part 2 of the 3 part saga. The movie starts in 1985, just like the first BTTF, with he and Jennifer admiring his new truck that his parents have bought for him.  This is where Doc Brown shows up in his DeLorean time machine, wearing strange garb.  He tells Marty to hurry and get in, cos there is trouble in the future, and he is the only one who can settle the problem. Continue reading “Back to the Future, part II”

Back to the Future

In this first of 3 movies, Micheal J. Fox plays a high school kid who seems to constantly late for his classes at school.  The movie starts with him coming to his friends’ home, pushing a skate board into a case of plutonium.  His friend, Doc Brown, is a scientist, and he and Marty (MJF) are going to engage in comedic adventures with Doc’s latest creation.

Doc calls Marty and asks him to bring his video camera to show off his new creation. When Marty gets to Docs’ location, he sees his van that’s all shut up. Then the back door opens, and a souped up DeLorean comes out. It is Doc’s latest and greatest creation! We find out that its a time machine. (Personal note: I’ve always wanted to travel through time, even though i know the actual concept is impossible)

Continue reading “Back to the Future”


This is one of the physical things i enjoy doing, and i wish i had a job where that was all i did. To drive a truck here and there every day and deliver goods that were loaded onto it and it was my sole responsibility.  This is something that is done all the time, and not always by the best people on the road.  Here are some of my pet peeves with this task that is performed every day.
Driving, in itself, is not that hard.  But, if you see some of the things on the road that i do, then you might agree with me that it doesn’t look like something that you might enjoy doing.
1. Impatient Drivers
I’m not the most patient of people when i get behind the wheel, but i don’t harass other drivers like i see virtually every day.  For instance, while i drive to work, which is just 5 miles of interstate 10 5 days a week, people drive so fast you’d think that wherever it is they are going would burn down or be destroyed if they didn’t get there fast enough.AND THERE NEVER SEEMS TO BE A COP AROUND WHEN YOU NEED ONE!!!  Also, please, please, slow down people, the world will not end if you don’t get there in the next 2 seconds!
2. Improper Signalling
I have put it upon myself to use my indicator lever correctly at all times, which, to me, also is not hard to do. (Well, at least i TRY to 99% of the time.)  But, people do not remember this simple little trick when they get behind the wheel of their vehicle. PLEASE USE THAT LITTLE LEVER TO THE LEFT OF YOUR STEERING WHEEL!!!
2a. Turning left or right
When you need to turn, before you brake, look in your rear view mirror, allow enough room between you and the person behind you to realize you’re about to turn, then put the signal on for the turn you are making, then apply your brakes. Also, on this one, i hate when people are turning before they apply the signal.  It’s so funny to me when they do this, cos it doesn’t make any sense.
2b. Passing a vehicle
This is basic etiquette: As you are travelling, especially on a high speed road, be it on an interstate, or motorway (for our British viewers), when you need to pass a vehicle, again, use your mirrors appropriately. 1. put your indicator on, 2. wait for the space between you and the vehicle you  intend to pass to be adequate so they know you are about to pass, 3. pull into the passing lane, 4. cancel the signal, 5. speed up adequately to pass the vehicle(s), 6. put the opposite signal on, 7. then pull into the lane in front of the vehicle.
3. Defensive Driving
This is something that i’m trying to practice.  Defensive driving means, if someone on the road behind you is coming up to you fast, you remain at the speed you are currently traveling at, even when they are on your bumper, and don’t let them harass you into increasing your speed to satiate their need for speed.  This includes if they have caught you up and continues to try make you speed up to pass and can’t.
In conclusion
Here are just a few things that get up my back and irritate me no end.  They are nothing new to anyone who reads this, unless you’ve never driven a car before reading this post. But it seems to me that as soon as people get a full driving license, they tend to forget to remember what they were taught as they were learning to drive. But, again, its one thing to know the aforementioned information, and it’s totally a different thing to do it.